Land Assembly Expertise

The uniqueness of Vancouver being surrounded by water on three sides can create land assembly opportunities that are very desirable because of scarcity. This may provide the potential for higher returns for landowners from redevelopment proposals. Among commercial real estate transactions, these can involve some of the most complex and lengthy terms. They can also carry a great amount of risk.

Knowing the intricacies and potential of a land assembly site is complicated and very often over-simplified. As many stakeholders are aware of, there is no shortage of groups who are happy to try their best to find the most amount of money from a developer. But there is a big difference between having someone try their best and understanding the factors involved from the beginning. 


Having personal relationships with development professionals, keeping ourselves well-versed with city planning departments and being certified in commercial investment management (CCIM) are where we start from. We look forward to demonstrating what comprehensive market analysis along with commercial redevelopment expertise can offer you over a sign and a price tag on MLS.