Hold VS Sell Analysis

Hold VS Sell Analysis

While some will agree that owning commercial real estate in Vancouver is an ideal position to be in, a more difficult question would be 'Is it a good time to sell commercial real estate in Vancouver?'. This is a very important investment decision frequently encountered in the market. After all, sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all.

Hold versus Sell analysis is probably one the most complex forms of real estate investment analysis. It involves the impact on the cash flows created by investments and financing made a number of years ago, while simultaneously taking into account the tax consequences of selling the property today. Then it can be compared to holding the property for an additional period. For example, a five-year forecast comparison clearly laying out potential scenarios.

As a Certified Commercial Investment Manager (CCIM), Steve Da Cruz is one of an elite group of less than 150 designees in Western Canada trained to apply the necessary analysis needed to help property owners make an informed decision.

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