Business Valuation

Business Valuation Services

There are many factors to consider beyond 'multiples' and 'rules of thumb' that create business value. The commercial real estate market in Vancouver is very competitive and our clients value our multifaceted approach. With important details such as timing, tax implications and myriad possibilities involving staff, shares and marketing, you need a steady hand to navigate one of the most important decisions your business may ever make. 

We will dig into what makes your business unique and present to you what you will need to know moving forward. With over a decade of entrepreneurial experience in Vancouver, we understand the ramifications and undertaking involved from having lived it firsthand. Having a straight up no nonsense approach with proven analytical techniques are why we consistently work with local Vancouver business owners brokering their most important dispositions. 

We look forward to discussing with you about how we can offer a superior experience with premium results when it comes time to explore the market with your business.